LA ROQQA’s Culinary Offer in Porto Ercole

LA ROQQA is a must-visit destination for food and wine lovers in the Tuscan Maremma region. The hotel offers a journey through flavors that celebrate simplicity, connection to the land, and seasonality.

spaghetti 8 pomodori

LA ROQQA Boutique Hotel is a must-visit destination for food and wine lovers in the Tuscan Maremma region. With three restaurants and bars—Scirocco Mezzanino, and two restaurants at Isolotto Beach Club—LA ROQQA offers a journey through flavors that passionately celebrates regional and Italian traditions, featuring dishes that speak of simplicity, connection to the land, and respect for seasonality.

LA ROQQA’s restaurants in Porto Ercole

At LA ROQQA, each dining experience highlights a distinctive atmosphere, yet all are united by the philosophy of a cuisine and wine culture that honors Tuscan traditions. Whether from the heights of Scirocco Mezzanino Rooftop or in one of Argentario’s most beautiful beaches at Isolotto Beach Club, every corner of LA ROQQA is a window open to the delicacies of the region, offering a wide range of dining experiences in the heart of Porto Ercole.

The Origin of "Spaghetti with 8 Tomatoes”

A dish that celebrates tradition and explores innovation: "Spaghetti with 8 Tomatoes" by Chef Francesco Ferretti embodies the paradoxical and indissoluble bond between novelty and history. Available only from June to October, this creation is a culinary journey that begins with the selection of eight varieties of tomatoes, each with its own characteristics, in collaboration with Orto Giusto. It is a dish that, in its apparent simplicity, reveals a world of flavors, textures, and aromas, embodying LA ROQQA’s philosophy towards organic and sustainable cuisine deeply rooted in local culture.

Four tasting menu experiences

At the panoramic Scirocco Rooftop restaurant, the culinary experience is further enriched with four tasting menus. LA ROQQA's commitment to sustainability and quality is evident in these offerings, each designed to highlight the seasonality and origin of the ingredients:

  • The Vegetable Menu: a tribute to vegetables, passionately cultivated by the Orto Giusto association, each dish is a vibrant and authentic culinary masterpiece;
  • The Land Menu: a gastronomic adventure that showcases local products, offering a series of dishes that tell the story of the richness of the land;
  • The Sea: from the freshness of marine ingredients to the spectacular sea view of the Scirocco Restaurant, this menu is a tribute to the maritime culture of Argentario;
  • The Sea Truffle: a bold fusion of flavors, where the prized Tuscan truffle blends with the freshness of the catch, creating surprising and delicious pairings.