Hot Springs and Thermal Baths in Tuscany

Discover Tuscany through its thermal baths and hot springs, an unforgettable journey that blends relaxation with the discovery of stunning natural landscapes.

saturnia hot springs

Discover Tuscany through its thermal baths and hot springs, an unforgettable journey that blends relaxation with the discovery of stunning natural landscapes. La Roqqa hotel, located on Monte Argentario, is perfectly positioned for you to venture out and enjoy some of Italy's most enchanting thermal baths, all within reach for a day trip.

Terme di Saturnia

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic waters of Saturnia hot springs, near Grosseto. Among small pools and natural waterfalls, these mineral-rich waters spring forth at a temperature of 37.5°C and have been a source of well-being for centuries. Rich in calcium, sulfur, and thermal plankton, these unique waters are known for their health benefits, tackling issues from the respiratory to the digestive system, not to mention the skincare wonders of thermal mud.

For those seeking a raw touch of nature, the Cascate del Mulino awaits with its breathtaking natural pools set against the Tuscan countryside.

Bagni di San Filippo

Discover the unique beauty of Bagni di San Filippo, a natural wonder in the heart of the forest. Famous for its calcium carbonate deposits, creating mesmerizing white formations like the "White Whale", a large limestone formation that resembles the mouth of a whale, this hot spring is a must-visit for nature lovers. The warm waters and hot waterfalls, flowing at about 48°C, are ideal for a relaxing soak in all seasons, surrounded by the tranquility of the woods​​​​​​.

San Casciano dei Bagni

Ranked among the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, San Casciano dei Bagni is a municipality with about 42 natural springs. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful attractions in Tuscany, known worldwide for its extraordinary thermal baths. The waters of San Casciano are suitable for treating disorders of the muscular, respiratory systems, and the nervous system. They have significant anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and metabolic properties.

Moreover, to the south of the village, you can take a dive into history in the original Roman pools of Bagno Grande, made of stones with mineral-rich waters flowing at about 40°C.

Chianciano Terme

Chianciano Terme, near Siena, is known for its thermal bath houses offering treatments for both mental and physical health. This spa town, known since the Etruscan era, is perfect for those seeking a break from the chaos of daily life. It ranges from more traditional therapeutic thermal establishments like Acqua Santa, Fucoli, Sant'Elena, and Sillene, to modern Spas and wellness treatments.

Montecatini Terme

Dating back to the Romans, Montecatini Terme is one of Italy's premier spa destinations. Its thermal springs , known for their health benefits, stand out for a unique blend of relaxation and culture, allowing you to sit alongside historic sites and elegant Belle Époque venues. A haven for those seeking wellness and cultural experiences, Montecatini combines the serenity of natural hot springs with the vibrancy of urban life, making it a perfect retreat in the heart of Tuscany. The thermal waters, rich in sulfate, bicarbonate, and sodium, are a boon for treating digestive and liver ailments, alongside offering wellness therapies.