Palomba Serafini Design for LA ROQQA Hotel

Discover the innovative design concept behind Hotel LA ROQQA. An interior design project by Studio Palomba Serafini Associati.

palomba serafini La Roqqa

LA ROQQA is a sustainable Boutique Hotel where design and comfort coexist in harmony. Here, guests have the unique opportunity to explore the seamless connection between masterpieces of Italian design and the natural heritage of Tuscany. Discover the innovative design concept behind Hotel LA ROQQA. An interior design project by Studio Palomba Serafini Associati.

Maremma awakens through Design

The interior spaces at LA ROQQA

The interior spaces at LA ROQQA, a creative vision of Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba, are a testament to the iconic Italian aesthetics of the 60s and 70s. Colours, materials, shapes interpret a typical “Maremma” flair from a contemporary and sustainable perspective.

“All the spaces of La Roqqa, from the common areas to the 55 rooms and suites, convey an immediate sense of belonging. The analysis of the territory’s values has become the backbone of the entire interior design project and is expressed in all its colours and materiality. The tones of the sky, sand and Mediterranean scrub are found inside the project as tonalities of the walls, floor, plaster and furniture, creating a strong connection with the surrounding environment.” - Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.

The rooms and suites are themed in three distinct colour palettes, each representing a different floor: a sienna earth tone that echoes the characteristic hues of Porto Ercole's facades, a range of greens harmonising with the surrounding vegetation, and a deep blue reminiscent of the sea of Argentario. The suites, meanwhile, are crafted with an elegant, sandy base colour, accented by splashes of colour from iconic pieces of furniture.

Sustainability and conservation of local craftsmanship

Sustainability is a core element of LA ROQQA's architectural project. Through the efforts of PS+A, LA ROQQA brings the essence of Tuscany to life. A thorough exploration of the region's natural resources and artisanal heritage, including the crafting of terracotta, wood, clay, leather, and straw weaving, has profoundly influenced the entire range of expertise and traditions central to the project's renovation approach.

The Philosophy Behind Palomba Serafini's Design

PS+A's approach has placed a strong emphasis on the creation of spaces that are not just locations, but destinations for celebrating conviviality and wellness. LA ROQQA stands as the perfect embodiment of this ethos - from the sweeping views of the Scirocco restaurant's panoramic terrace, to the natural allure of the Isolotto Beach Club by the sea, and the cocktail bar that captures the quintessential spirit of a Mediterranean summer.