What is Sustainable Tourism: SLH Considerate Collection

Sustainable tourism is centred around promoting respect for nature, cultural preservation, and support for local communities. More than a trend, it represents a shift towards responsible travel.

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In today's eco-conscious world, sustainable tourism has become a key focus for travellers keen on minimising their environmental impact while exploring the globe.

This form of tourism is centred around positively influencing the environment, society, and economy of the destinations visited, promoting respect for nature, cultural preservation, and support for local communities. More than a trend, it represents a shift towards responsible travel, with the SLH Considerate Collection embodying this shift perfectly.

LA ROQQA Hotel stands out in the SLH Considerate Collection for its comprehensive adoption of sustainable practices. By embracing the three core pillars of the Collection - community orientation, cultural preservation, and environmental consciousness - LA ROQQA serves not only as a destination but also as a witness to the transformative power of this new way of living tourism.

Why Sustainable Tourism Matters

The significance of sustainable tourism is immense, playing a crucial role in conserving natural resources, reducing pollution and waste, and protecting biodiversity. Travelers who choose destinations and accommodations that prioritize sustainability will help preserve these areas for future generations and foster a deeper understanding and connection with the local culture.

The SLH Considerate Collection

The SLH Considerate Collection is a curated selection of hotels and resorts dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet and their communities. Members of the Collection adhere to strict criteria that align with sustainable tourism principles, showcasing not only the beauty of these destinations but also their commitment to sustainability, cultural preservation, and community support.

Considerate Collection hotels have been selected for achieving the highest categories among the Sustainability Criteria and Pillars of SLH, effectively based on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the parameters of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Each facility has obtained a certification recognized by the GSTC or has passed an evaluation by the SLH Sustainability Advisory Panel, with an impartial review by the GSTC.


LA ROQQA's commitment to the local community is evident in its support for local artisans, farmers, and businesses, enriching guest experiences and contributing to the local economy and social fabric. The hotel partners with the Michelangelo Foundation, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to celebrating and safeguarding Italian craftsmanship. This collaboration involves showcasing and selling the work of local artists in the hotel’s communal spaces, thus supporting and promoting young talent in the field of traditional Italian craft.


LA ROQQA offers its guests easy access to incredible cultural sites, from ancient Etruscan archaeological remains to contemporary art expressions at the Tarot Garden and the diverse events at the Corsini Botanical Garden. Furthermore, the hotel facilitates visits to the final resting place of Caravaggio, located in Porto Ercole.


Promoting Tuscany at its best, LA ROQQA preserves regional traditions and culinary heritage, producing its own olive oil and aiming to cultivate its wine and vegetable garden. The hotel collaborates with local organisations to distribute leftover food daily, highlighting its commitment to community welfare.


Environmental awareness is a core aspect of La Roqqa's philosophy, demonstrated through practices that reflect its respect for nature. The hotel minimises waste, promotes biodiversity, and uses sustainably-made furniture, providing guests with aluminium flasks for water refills and utilising electric vehicles for transportation, underscoring its dedication to a sustainable future.