Isolotto Beach Club

Up to 1000 people
6000 SQM

Our sandy beach club is unmatched in beauty and exclusivity. This unique venue combines crystal-clear waters with lush Mediterranean scrub, creating the ultimate event destination. Whether planning an intimate dinner or a grand celebration, Isolotto offers unparalleled flexibility to customize your event's scale and privacy.

Further enhancing its allure, Isolotto's serene setting is perfect for creating moments that linger in memory long after the event concludes. Imagine your guests' delight as they dine under the stars, with the gentle sound of waves providing the perfect soundtrack to your evening.

Our dedicated team is on hand to ensure every detail is meticulously planned, from bespoke menu options to decor that complements the natural surroundings, making every event a masterpiece of elegance and harmony. Here, at Isolotto, you're not just hosting an event; you're crafting an experience that marries the grandeur of nature with the sophistication of modern event planning.


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